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Process Tree 2.5 for Windows 95/98/NT/Y2K,XP,2003

New features in Process Tree 2.5:

Save and Open. System snapshots can now be saved to a file and later opened. Viewing and exploring a "saved" system is identical to viewing and exploring a "live" system. It is also possible to view system snapshots saved on different systems. For instance, a snapshot may be saved on a Windows 98 system, then opened and viewed using Process Tree running on NT.

Export. Using the Export Wizard you can now export system information to an HTML page, or to a comma separated value text file suitable for importing into a spreadsheet.

More version information. Version information is now displayed in the list view.

More column control. Columns in the list view can now be rearranged by clicking a column header and dragging it to a new location.

Depends.exe support. The item context "view" menu now supports the Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 program depends.exe as an external viewer.

Menus. The program now has an optional menu bar.

Improved Printing. Print-outs of the tree view now display connecting lines more accurately, and printing to color printers is improved.

New features in Process Tree 2.1:

Modules and Windows folders. The Modules items contains all modules that previously were directly under the parent Process item. The "Windows" item is new, and contains all top-level windows owned by the process.  Under each Window item are that window's child windows.

Pinned property page. The property page for an item can now be "pinned." A pinned property page will show the properties for the currently selected item. With this feature you can pin a property page, and then select items in the tree to instantly see that item's properties.

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