Our policies are simple and restrictive.

  1. We do not collect any information that is not explicit and obvious to the function of the program. For instance, Internet Tree saves the site names you have visited. That is the primary purpose of the program.
  2. We do not transmit any information from your computer to our server or to any other server or repository.
  3. None of our programs ever contact our server or any other server for any reason unless it is explicit to a function of the program. An explicit function would be clicking on a link such as a "Visit Software Directions" link. These are simple links and they do not transmit information, hidden or otherwise.
  4. Personal information such as email addresses are used only  to provide the information or service requested. This information is kept confidential and is never sold or made available to third-parties.

Third Parties:

    When you install one of our products, downloaded from this site, only that product is installed on your system. We do not also install other software from other companies.

      - Brenton Olander

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